Sosense Miso Powder

The new salt and MSG replacement.


Reducing salt while maintaining taste is one of
the food industry’s biggest challenges.
Now help is at hand with new Sosense Miso Powder,
the natural flavour enhancer.

Delivering 50-100% salt and MSG replacement while
enhancing flavour, Sosense represents an all-natural
breakthrough in food manufacturing.


Sosense is an exciting new product that’s almost as old as time.

Sosense is dried and powdered miso – fermented soya
bean paste – an entirely natural product and process, now
imported exclusively by BIS Ltd to deliver consistent and
effective results as a food ingredient and flavour enhancer
for all types of culinary applications.

Extensive consumer trials have shown Sosense to be highly
effective in a wide variety of popular foods, including
breads and ready meals, in many instances delivering
better flavour enhancement than salt or MSG alone.

For lower salt, a cleaner label, better flavour and consumer
satisfaction, Sosense Miso Powder makes perfect sense.